Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Thanks, Obamacare

It has become difficult for stories about what an utter dumpster-fire US healthcare has become to genuinely shock me, but this one managed to do that in spades:

New insurance policies expect Emergency Room patients to diagnose themselves and put the patient on the hook for the very big bill if the self-diagnosis is wrong.

What's funny is that even now, prog-dems still defend Obamacare. (Hints: It was supposed to control costs but in fact did the opposite; the working class's reaction to getting soaked by it also has more than a little to do with the fact that Trumpi is now our fearless leader, but by all means, scream about Russia some more!)

My advice: Avoid the ER. Yes, you may die, but the way you could get robbed blind if you do go there might make you wish you had died.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Obamacare repeal

We all know that the Republican Party owes its current political dominance every bit as much to grassroots opposition to the so-called Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") as it does to the adept manipulation by the Koch brothers of the electoral and legislative processes. However, it would appear that the Republican congress lacks the will to either replace or even just repeal former President Barack Obama's signature legislative accomplishment. As one might expect, this has led to no small amount of rhetorical keening from the hard right of the US Internet.

I find this only worth noting as a possible "latest nail in the coffin" of our political class and its two-party system. Not that anything good will necessarily replace them, as these nails are being pounded by the inexorable progress of industrial society's slow collapse. After all, such collapses usher in bad things just as readily if not more so than good things.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mid-winter linky goodness

Paul Street writing at Counterpunch.org serves up some Truth Tea about the outgoing Obama Administration.

And Glenn Greenwald writing Theintercept.com tells us that the Deep State and their Democratic Party lackeys continue to be as horny as a teenage boy with sex on his mind for World War Three with Russia, which will only make the Democratic Party fuck itself in the long haul. To which I say, "Boo-fucking-hoo."

To be quite honest, I see a nuclear war with Russia or China in the not-to-distant future. There may be less nukes around than there were during the Cold War, but it only take a pretty limited mutual thermonuclear warhead exchange to bring about a nuclear winter followed by what one might call an "ultra-violet summer". Now is probably a good time to make your peace with your Higher Power.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

You are being lied to, and if you vote for Republicans or Democrats, you're a patsy

Washington, DC and New York City based mainstream publications and websites are the real fountains of fake news in our society.

Since McCarthy lists are now back in vogue, I will contribute my own list of publications and websites you should avoid in order to prevent terminal brain-rot:


The Washington Post

The New York Times


The Atlantic

The New Yorker


The Huffington Post

The Daily Beast

There are more, but this list is only for the most egregious offenders.

And apologies for the dickered link up above, it has been fixed.