Friday, March 09, 2012

I would have at least filled the dead airtime by singing an old Motley Crue song

Forty-six advertisers and counting have so far dropped Rush Limbaugh's radio show in the wake of his misogynistic comments about Sandra Fluke.

The Archdruid Report: America: Origins of an Empire

The Archdruid Report: America: Origins of an Empire: To understand the decline and approaching fall of the American empire, it’s necessary to understand how that empire came into being. That’s...

Here's my comment in response on JMG's blog:

The "Frontier" subculture and its fierce independence may be the reason why the homosexual freedom movement ("gay lib" in the lingo of the late Seventies/ early Eighties) got its start in the unlikely locale of the hyper-religious USA. In the most remote of the frontier-outposts, available women were often few and far between, so it became common for men to form homosexual relationships with one another. The story-template of the movie Brokeback Mountain goes much further back than many people entirely realize. Of course, the fierce personal independence fostered by these environments made these men not at all predisposed to think of these relationships as something of which they should be ashamed, even if they didn't necessarily publicize them.

If this was fairly common, then it was something that likely to be fairly well-known, even if the social conventions of the era made frontier male homosexuality something about which people only spoke in whispers in the New England and southern Tidewater subcultures. The result of all this was both the peculiar American disdain for male homosexuality and the quest to legitimize homosexual attractions and relationships. In my personal opinion, it's a crying shame that the homosexual subculture that emerged from "gay lib" turned into its own form of conformity and repression. But all that you have taught your readers about social, political, and philosophical history over the past few years leads me to think that such bitter ironies are far from uncommon.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Archdruid Report: The Trajectory of Empires

The Archdruid Report: The Trajectory of Empires: The structure of empire anatomized in last week’s post is a source of considerable strength for any imperial nation that manages to get it i...