Wednesday, August 31, 2011

US involvement in Libya

While there were undoubtedly some things that were extremely fucked up about the regime of Moammar al-Gadhafi, there was also an aspect to it that involved sharing some of the country's oil revenues with the people through popular social programs. In order to do this, control of Libya's oil production and sale necessarily had to be nationalized. To put an end to this for the benefit of the US and its NATO allies likely had a great deal to do with why the US invested as much as it did in the way of resources and effort to overthrow Gadhafi's "Green Revolution". After all, even the triumphant rebels themselves admit that they likely would have been crushed by Gadhafi's forces had it not been for NATO's intervention.

But even from a tactical "nuts-and-bolts" perspective, there is more to Gadhafi's ouster then what we're told by the mainstream press, and what the mainstream press is willing to relate is necessarily dumbed down to accomodate a domestic audience that believes that being a narcissistic fucking moron is a virtue.

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