Saturday, September 24, 2011

The song that inspired the name of this blog that hardly anybody really reads :-)

This would be a good point to call attention to the fact that I am the Commentor Formerly Known As Loveandlight. The Loveandlight moniker was one I adopted back in 2003 as a reminder to myself of the ultimate futility of flame-waring Internet behavior. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

But the world is heading into some very severe and dire times while way too many people want to just go on kidding themselves about what is truly happening, and I feel like telling the truth about that whether or not anybody feels like listening. In light of that, I decided I needed a rather less fluffy-bunny, New-Agey handle, so I chose one related to what I randomly decided to call my nonexistent blog back in May 2004. That was when I signed up for in order to be able to comment on another blog.

I must confess to feeling rather like an automaton who is just "going through the motions" of late. That is how Mister Roboto the doomer-blogger was born. At least this was a better idea than lugubriously acting out and taking myself way too seriously on other people's blogs. After all, I'm forty-four years old, and such acting out really is the province of teenagers and Tea Partiers.


Beep said...

I love your blog. And as for doom...I think a lot of us are feeling the winds, I mean hurricane, of change.

Mister Roboto said...

Yes, and the hurricane may be just about to make landfall.