Sunday, November 02, 2014

Th-th-that's all, folks!

Well, according to Nate Silver's generally accurate political website, Scott Walker stands seventy-six percent chance of winning his re-election battle. And I not only early voted for Mary Burke on Monday, October 20, I also donated money despite previously promising myself I was done giving the frauds and fools of the inept Democratic Party political machine any more cash. So I did my part to stop my beloved home state from becoming a "red state", apparently to no avail.

While this certainly isn't a good thing, it's always important to see the silver lining on the cloud. And in this case, the silver lining is a pretty major one, in other words, being done with the sorry-ass politics industry in this country and getting to the point where I can truly accept that whatever is going to happen is simply going to happen. The race looks to be pretty close, so I'll save dumping my usual bucket of piss and vinegar on the hacks of the Democratic Party until Wednesday.

I'll have egg on my face in a pretty major way if it turns out Nate Silver is wrong, but in such a case, it will be good to be wrong.

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